Michael Anchin Absinthe Vase

When the going gets weird, the glass gets wonderful — In these micro-dosing edible times, Michael Anchin is our avatar of a post-psychedelic trans-angelic aesthetic. Founder of the Experimental Glass Workshop, his handblown one-of-a-kind artistry offers a look inside our mutable souls and somehow captures it in glass and earthen minerals. Like lightning in a bottle nothing quite lays its fingerprints on the ungraspable like an Anchin vase. Magical colors that seemingly drift from the realm of molten sand into a multi-verse somewhere over the rainbow — calm and settling yet mystifying, sometimes electric, sometimes muted, and sometimes both, his unique glasswork sings of the eternal beauty of strange visons.

Sizing & Details

    • HEIGHT: 7 1/2"
    • DIAMETER: 4 1/2" widest, 1 1/2" narrowest point
  • 100% Handblown glass
  • Hand wash
  • Handmade in New York
  • Need help with your order? Contact us: orders@rentrayage.com