Our Promise

As a sustainable small business, we work to continuously improve and learn.

Below follow our values and the promises we have made to live them.


We believe that every piece of clothing, old, used, vintage or new or has value, beauty and purpose. Everything we make is born from existing materials or has the ability to be reborn. All materials we use can be returned to the earth and accepted back into our ecological systems. We are committed to circular systems.

• Our main source of material is vintage clothing which we repurpose and rebirth into a new item.
• We always try to first source and use recycled materials.
• Only as a last option, we will use virgin cotton, linen, silk or wool and only materials which are traceable to the raw material level.
• All waste from our facility that can not be used goes to Fabscrap.
• We take back items from our customers so that we may repurpose them, again.


We make clothing that people are proud to buy, that inspires and that lasts. We communicate the work, though and impact that goes into each item and only use quality materials.

• We identify core suppliers and materials that we can use repeatedly.
• We communicate the work, thought and impact that goes into each item.


A note about our moral fiber and packaging materials: We only use 100% recycled boxes and poly-mailers which breakdown more readily than compostable plastics. We also only use recycled and biodegradable alternatives to bubble-wraps, tissue paper, and stickers. No shame in our game — sustainability only goes all the way — there is no first, second, or third base when it comes to doing the right thing. 


We are flexible and creative - we adapt to create.

Rentrayage is a rejection of the prodigal business model. We reimagine and reanimate what has already existed; creating beauty and value; new shape, new form, new style from what has been discarded. We follow our own path and share what we learn - we believe the current fashion system is broken and so we chart our own path, while sharing tools and techniques to help others evolve their own methods. 

• We are transparent about our methods, manufacturing and operations. We are an openbook and actively share our knowledge externally with our peers and our customers.
• We educate ourselves and our community and strive to always communicate how and where we can improve.


We ensure diverse voices and representation on our team and in our community. 


We educate - our customer, community and our industry.

• We help our customers learn how they can minimize their impact and live a sustainable, inclusive life. 
• We learn best practices through training.
• We are committed to exploring and educating about the intersection of race and climate change.
• We source from black and latin (minority) owned businesses. 
• We are committed to a diverse team and advisory.


We share our power with our retail partners, our supply chain and our peers. We are humble and know we still have much to learn and space to grow. 

For too long, the power balance has been misaligned. We commit ourselves to transparent, equal partnership. We listen and exchange with our partners.

• All Rentrayage items are currently made in New York and Brooklyn.
• We pay our employees a living wage. We ensure our atelier workers are paid a living wage.
• We vet all partner brands sold on our website through a sustainability lens. Each has a unique offering to the world but has committed to sustainable manufacturing.

Our Growth

As a small new business, we must focus on the tiny details, the small little pieces that make the difference. We are charting a new path and this takes time and focus and resources. We don’t currently participate in certification schemes, multi stakeholder initiatives or third party reporting - this is intentional as none are a fit for the Rentrayage model. However, as an innovator, we stay actively involved in industry conversation and consultation, to encourage smaller, more intentional footprints like ours.

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What is Sustainability?

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