How to fly in the face of convention? Our denim bustier jacket would be our best answer …An old school wool blazer refitted with a patchwork bustier of vintage denim strips and scraps. Colors and textures abound as you’ll take flight and leave the commonplace on the runway. Bold, adventuresome, fun, style-forward, and just as practical for any time of day or night— Once upon a time the Wright Brothers were called crazy. Hopefully you’ll be just as flattered.

*Each piece is one-of-a-kind so product particulars will vary.

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Features:  Bustier made from leftover denim scraps. Buttons from original vintage blazer.

Care:  Dry clean recommended or handwash cold, lay flat to dry.

Content: Made from vintage blazer and upcycled vintage denim

Note:  Each Rentrayage item is one-of-a-kind made from upcycled vintage clothing and materials. All idiosyncrasies, including wear, mending, and stains are part of the story of the fabric and overall garment. Due to these qualities, sizing can vary. Please see measurements in product details for more exact sizing information.