Nada Duele Sal de Mar Vase Sphere

The Sal de Mar collection is inspired by the art of collecting, recycling, reusing and remembering. Each object is intimately selected and placed to render each vase a unique piece that symbolizes the power of memory and nostalgia.⁠  Handmade from a ceramic base, with an exterior of clay and plaster and adorned with glass, stones, jewelry, tiles, shells, and other personal objects to achieve a beautiful and timeless piece.

Multidisciplinary artist couple Giselle MacDonald and Mariano Vadillo founded Nada Duele in an effort to create unique and sustainable pieces that combine the essence of Guatemalan craftsmanship and contemporary design.  Their designs are informed and inspired by avant-garde art movements such as Dadaism and Bauhaus, Mediterranean aesthetics, traditional craft, and natural textiles.

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