rentrayage home

One-of-a-kind sustainable home goods


Made from deadstock, vintage, and sustainable materials, each piece is as understated as it is revolutionary.

in the press: Vogue

Rentrayage’s Home Collection Is Equal Parts Sustainable and Stylish

"The collection also straddles an interesting line: while much of today's homewares offerings tend to fall neatly into either the categories of minimalism or maximalism, "Hereafter Home" sits at a modish middle-of-othe-road. The ceramics, for example, could add a pop of color to a white or beige tablecloth, or act as a subtle aesthetic anchor to a paisley or mosaic print one."

“Breathing new life into old things means exploring new techniques and ideas. We spent endless time researching different ways to create something new.”

-Erin Beatty, Founder & Creative Director