Designing into a concept creates waste in the name of creativity.  Inherently unsustainable, it requires you to add and overdo. Rentrayage is a rejection of this prodigal business model and our way of reimagining and reanimating what has already existed; creating beauty and value; new shape, new form, new style from what has been discarded.

I started Rentrayage to change a system, not just how we make and consume clothes, but how companies operate in a capitalist society. I believe companies have an obligation to do good, to create products, and take positions that strive towards a better world. I vow that Rentrayage stands for social justice. Sustainability is not enough.  

Down to Rentrayage’s foundation — ours is a fresh and conscientious approach to fashion. The Collection is entirely handcrafted in New York and Brooklyn, each piece is one-of-a-kind or limited edition.  Inspired by Louise Bourgeois, Rentrayage is a French word to mend and to “make whole again,“ we bring old clothes, vintage fabrics, and dead-stock back to life.  But this goes beyond stitching things back together in a new way; this is the groundwork for a new way of thinking along with innovative methods.  

Always maintaining 100% sustainability, as we continue to grow and refine our process to consumption, our Home and Beauty offerings complement our burgeoning but strictly curated catalog.  So have a look and shop confidently knowing that the purchase of a Rentrayage product is creating the least waste possible and creating a better world.

- Erin Beatty