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Our Story

Rentrayage was born out of the concept of reimagining and reanimating what has already existed; creating beauty and value, new shape, new form, new style from what has been discarded.  

Inspired by Louise Bourgeois, Rentrayage is a French word to mend and to “make whole again,“ we bring old clothes, vintage fabrics, and dead-stock back to life. But this goes beyond stitching things back together in a new way; this is the groundwork for a new way of thinking along with innovative methods.

Breathing new life into old things means exploring new techniques and ideas. We spent endless time researching different ways to create something new.

Discover Collection 11


Discover Collection 11

Reduce. Reuse. Rentrayage.

A sustainable lifestyle company.

Beyond stitching things back together, we’re laying the groundwork for a new way of thinking about production and consumption. In an increasingly eco-minded marketplace, we are designing a way to live both sustainably and beautifully.