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  • Prairie Home Companion Patchwork Tablecloth (Medium Square)

    Prairie Home Companion Patchwork Tablecloth (Medium Square)

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    Our patchwork series embodies the Rentrayage spirit to its core. Made entirely from vintage linens, Prairie Home brings linens back to life and reanimates them with a cleaning and organic over-dyeing process which brings out a fresh vim and vigor. All carefully sourced and curated by our in-house Tailor to create one-of-a-kind pieces, each has its own bold, vibrant design that will suddenly speak to that sustainable-minded Interior Designer in all of us. Made to Order

    *Each Tablecloth is one of a kind and incorporates vintage linens which will sizes, color, content, embellishments and placement. The Prairie Home series is designed to be unified in spirit resulting in a one of a kind heirloom which looks beautiful in any space.

    • Ethically made