• Wabi Calebasse Bowl in Rose

Wabi Calebasse Bowl in Rose

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Inspired by Wabi-sabi, the Japanese ideal that finds beauty in natural imperfection, our collection of Jars ceramics is the epitome of hand craftmanship, contemporary aesthetics, and earth friendly process. From a 160-year-old family-owned factory in the South of France, each piece is a unique artistic creation for your table. No two plates or bowls are quite alike, imbalanced and refined, each has a rough texture and organic design that almost appears unfinished. To the contrary, every piece goes through 10 steps, passing through the hands of 17 Ceramists who carefully shape, color, and glaze using the highest quality materials and strictest eco-minded standards.

  • Each piece is handmade and as a result of artisanal production, pieces may have very slight variations of color or shape
  • France
  • Glazed stoneware, 100 % natural materials, without lead and cadmium
  • Ethically made by artisans at a family owned factory in the South of France, employing more than 21 hand processes dating back to 1857.
  • 7.9" x 6.7" x 2.8"
  • Dishwasher safe